Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sweet short goodbye... to our number 5.

Today is a sad yet happy day. About a month ago, we had found out we were expecting baby #5. For some reason, I was super excited about this one compare to the other ones. Perhaps is because I was feeling great; not much nausea, no vomiting... Unfortunately, some bleeding came yesterday, followed few hours later by a lot cramping. After a visit to the ER, the blood test came back with my biggest fear. My levels had decreased on the cell division indicating I was having a miscarriage. ;(
If you know me, I am not an emotional person, not because I don't want to be but because I was raised that way. Yet, I couldn't hold back the tears for quite a while... On my first and last appointment with my OB two days ago, everything sounded so fine, yet we couldn't hear the heartbeat because it was too soon.
After all, I never heard it.

Today, I am packing away all the pregnancy clothes I wont wear soon, and with that I am saying a short good bye till we meet again with my precious one, who will always remain in my heart.
All I know, is he or she was supposed to touch our hearts for a short while and remind us of our Saviors Atonement, of our covenants in the temple, of the promise of eternal families. I don't, for one minute take for granted our family bond and cherish the day when is our time to go to Heavenly Father's presence and have our little one welcome us. I hear some say there is no Spirit till there is a heartbeat, others say is the minute the cells divide. Either which way, I am humble to have such tender mercy. I am soooo thankful for such beautiful and healthy 4 children we have now, and how little problems I had during their pregnancies. Our Savior is such loving being, the thought of Him is already so comforting. I am resting and waiting for such process to continue and run its course. It seems as though, my whole body is feeling the toll of not growing life. Perhaps is a physical way of saying good bye as well.

God may continue to comfort us, and continue finding joy in the journey.
Our oldest approached me and said, "I am sorry about number 5. I wish you could ask for another baby for Christmas! Can't you?" Sweet boy.

I am happy, to have loving children, but best of all, a comforting and loving husband who in spite of his short sleep and busy schedule made time to be with me through it all. I love you Jay, my true friend, sweetheart, eternal companion and dreamed prince charming. ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our first son's baptism!

I cant believe its been 8 years since my oldest son, Samuel, was born. On Sunday, November 23rd he was baptized by his uncle. Samuel decided to wait a month and a half after his 8th birthday since uncle Tyler with his wife Chelsea and their toddler Preston, and auntie Riri were coming to visit us for Thanksgiving. He has had a special attachment to uncle Tyler since he lived with us for few months when Samuel was 18 months. After he was 3, he was very clear to let us know of his desire for uncle Tyler to baptize him. And so the day came, and he was able to!

Another fact about that day, is that it was the same day I was baptized 13 years ago!!! How fun! We are sooooo excited for such great young man he is! Even though, he invited his friends, teachers, coaches and neighbors who are not of our faith, a few actually came! Two of our neighbors, as well as one of Jay's bosses, basketball coach with wife and kids and a Chinese friend with his brother and mom, were able to join us in such wonderful occasion. Samuel asked for Jay to give the talk on baptism and me for the talk on the Holy Ghost. Funny enough, he said he wanted me because I am like "rainbow kitty" from the Lego movie... haha. I took it as a compliment!  Many of our friends helped making cookies for after the service.. All the people who came had some kind of "encounter" with Samuel, as a teacher, leader, friend. We had more than 70 people, since many were families, and it made him excited to know they care to take time to come.
We are so proud of him, and know he will do great things! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Going private.

For security reasons, we are going private. Evidently, some of my hubby's female nurse coworkers found the blog and were gossiping about it. Sad ;(
I watched mom's night out last night and encouraged me to go back to blogging again. My kids are growing soooo fast, I truly need to keep a journal. And with pictures and video, technology is pushing me to it.
Stay tuned.
Happy Friday.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ana Luz Jevne is here!

Finally, I made some time to write about our little girl's arrival. I was due on January 2nd, 2013. However, I was already scheduled to be induced on December 26th, 2012.
A little history on my other 3 labors:
Samuel was 7.8 lbs @ 42 wks and 16 hrs of labor with 1.5 hours of pushing, contractions for active labor came on its own but 8 hours later was still induced, no epidural, 4 doses of narcotics, missed the doctor, only Jay was there.
Benjamin was 7.2 lbs @ 39 wks and 8 hours of labor, 4 pushes, induced, no epidural, 1 dose of narcotics, missed the doctor, only Jay was there.
Daniel was 6.14 lbs @ 39 wks and 4 hours of labor, 2 pushes, induced, no epidural, no narcotics, missed the doctor, Jay, my mother-in-law and my mom were there.
After this info two things were the same in each case; no epidural and missing the doctor. The funny part is that after Samuel, we always tell the doctor and nurses how we have missed the doctor in every ocassion with the purpose not to miss him again. Once in the birth canal I am not waiting for them to call the doctor. So, with that said we MADE SURE they were all aware and finally have a doctor there.
Well, I thought it was gonna be great planning with Samuel and Benjamin's school programs and party being on that Friday, dec. 21st and me teaching Sharing time that Sunday the 23rd, plus Christmas on Tue. and leaving to have my baby the next day. Jay had already asked for all those 2 weeks off, plus he was done with his semester, so no school. Family (sister-in-law, and brother-in-law with wife, who is expecting for end of May) were in town, which meant distraction for my kids. I thought I had it as set as I could. I kept telling everybody how my babies dont come on their own so I was really sure it was a done deal with the induction.
Saturday was a full day, walking a lot, cramping a lot, contracting a lot (braxton..). Jay slept all day because he was supposed to work his last night shift before the 2 weeks he asked off. However, they have been sending people home (thanks to obamacare) from his work, and they called him and told him not to come in. So he partied with his brother, while I went to bed early (9pm). I felt him come to bed at 2am when I decided to use the restroom, and noticed how strong my contractions were getting. So, I laid on the bed for and hour hoping to go to sleep, but got woken up by the pain every 5 min. So, I kept track of the time. At 3am I had enough. I got up, took shower to relax me, sat on the big ball, ate, drank. Finally, by 4am I couldnt stand it anymore, I woke up Jay to take me to the hospital. I didnt want him to wake up anybody till we knew they had admitted me but as much as he usually worries, he woke up my brother-in-law, Tyler and his wife, Chelsea woke up on her own claiming she had a feeling something was going on and she needed to be alert, which was right on the money or baby?

Stork or Santa?
Sure enough, once in the car my contractions started to fade... I started to get mad because I would look like an attention-seeking-liar, right? Horray! I was right, I was dilated to a 5 so they admitted me but my contractions were getting further apart. Boo. I had invited my 2 sister-in-law and mother-in-law to be there. So 30 min later they got there. We played skip-boo, I walked around the whole floor three different times, and sat on the ball for a while too. Slowly progressing.
Then we had to figure out Church for the boys. The only ones home were grandpa and Tyler. Did I mentioned my father-in-law is the bishop and has meeting before Church? Also, did I mentioned we had Church at 9am? So that puts poor Tyler by himself, with all my three boys to explained to them why nobody else is home when they got up, fed them and got them ready for Church. Grandma left the hospital just in time to help out with them and take all of them to Chuch (which is on the way to the hospital anyway) and come back to the hospital. By 8am contractions were getting stronger so I asked for a dose of the narcotic before it was too late to get one (happened with Daniel). By 9:30ish they broke my water. My doctor was off, so we met the one on call, which happened to be a female OBGYN, and repeated the story of my "allergy to have a doctor for labor" and by 10am I was ready and she was in, still putting her glooves when Ana came in 2 pushes by 10:04am. She had a strong cry like her brothers, was 6.14 lbs 18.5 in @ 38 wks, all the fam there, DIDNT MISS THE DOC!
Full of hair and sweet look, Ana Luz Jevne came wrapping daddy on her finger from the moment she was born. The boys love her, always want to hold her and feed her. Daniel would ask for her, but never getting close. A week after I was home, he warmed up to her and now kisses her (he never kisses anybody) and wants to holder often. I came home a little early so we could join everybody for Christmas morning. I got to admitt that we had the best Christmas present we could ever ask for. She is precious and sure has brough a different spirit into our family. Our friend Royce from Church and a photographer, who has two hansom boys ages of Samuel and Benjamin took some of the most adorable pictures I could ever dream off! Now I understand why people like to to get a photography session for their newborns... Just enjoy my little angel! Merry Christmas everybody and an awesome 2013!!!

Jay's favorite

Merry Christmas 2012!!!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Samuel! (Oct 2011)

I had a little birthday party for Samuel back in October last year. I didn't know about the rule of number of guest with number of years... Therefore, there were 7 kiddoes plus Samuel and Benjamin. However, it wasn't too bad, with the help of one of the parents who stayed and my mother-in-law, we made it work.

Few months ago we had read one of Curious George's books (the pizza party); since then, he knew he wanted to do a pizza party.

 All the kids enjoyed their creation and gladly ate it! Some tried making different shapes but at the end, all that matter was the toppings.

Later came the "little cake", since we made it Star Wars theme, the cake was too. the figurines were only $5.00 at the local grocery store's bakery. So we were lucky everything ended up cheap. Even the party favors were on sale for 0.25 cents at target! So were the Star Wars gummies.
 Samuel got Star Wars legos, a baseball mitt and ball, Nerf football, puzzles, a Star Wars giant book and a different kind of book. It is called the "answered prayer", which tells the story of the BYU vs UT game in 2006, when Samuel was verily a month old. He absolutely enjoyed it! Also, I had been doing some felt quite books (still not done), and thought of making him some star wars finger puppets. It took me a while since I couldn't do it while they were awake (since it was a surprise). But I finished them and was glad with my work. I only made 7, and thought that was more than enough. He liked them (thankfully) and had fun with Benjamin playing with them.

They all had a great time, and two hours went by so fast with this bunch. We are excited for our 5-year-old going on 12. He is so logical, loves to rationalize and analyze everything. Self taught himself how to read, loves numbers, countries and now he is fascinated with China, and has stopped wanting to learn Spanish because he rather learns Chinese.
He also, is such a noble and thoughtful little guy. Always careful with baby Daniel, and making sure he is a good helper. He also is so spiritual, always reminding us if we lose something or cant decided something to pray about it. He loves the scriptures, and his favorite now is Samuel the Lamanite from the book of Mormon. Loves sports, especially basketball and football. Cant have enough Jimmer Fredette either. (teach them young...) We are blessed to have this little giant with us, we love you Samuel!

Happy 3rd Birthday Benjamin! (sept 2011)

We had our big family trip mid September 2011 and Benjamin's birthday was right towards the end of it. Therefore, the week before the trip, I made some cupcakes while playgroup with the other moms and kids from our Church to sing to him. He enjoyed it and so did his friends.

The last day of our trip was Saturday September 17th, which was his actual birthday. That day we were in Provo, UT for a football game. Right before the game we went to the "cougareat" and sang to him and gave him some yummy guava cake (from bamboo hut). He was getting a little confused on the age he was turning but he got it. He even shared cake with Samuel.
He got few gifts. The one he was the most excited about was a little Book of Mormon so he could had "scriptures" to take to Church. It made me feel "fuzzy" inside.  He was excited to get candy, a cougar car, squirts toys, and a cool medium size bouncy ball which lit up when hit. We were so excited to be together as a family when this 3rd annual event happened. We are so blessed to have such an energetic and full of joy kid, who reminds us hourly of the joy of life and of the little moments. He is always doing something goofy to make us laugh. I adore this kid, because even though, he lives by the minute (not seeing the consequences of his actions), he is always so happy and cheers me up frequently.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jevne, party of 6!

I think I am ready to blog more often again.
We had the surprised to find out we are expecting again! We, (really me) were thinking on a spring baby, since our 3 kids were september and october babies, plus to make the "environment" more enjoyable for my mom to come (selfish, convinient). Therefore, we were not to try yet. But life happens, and it is definetly at our pace or how we want. Heavenly Father knows best, so... why not a Christmas or New Year baby?
I have no clue of exact due date, since I havent gone to the OBGYN yet, but soon we will.
I have to admitt that even though, I already have 3 boys, 3 pregnancies, 3 births; the thought of being pregnant again seems as whimsical as the first time (except with a lot of memories and background on the matter). Motherhood is such a special "state", strong feelings full of the energy and emotion that only hormones or my 3-year-old Benjamin can cause.
I have so many little unfinished projects, so many in process to start.. But this just adds a spice to all. Even though, I am not looking forward the all-day-vomitting for the next 3 months; I am looking forward see my belly grow because life is growing inside of me, and see my three little boys enjoy it with me.
Funny comments of the week:
(During breakfast, nobody talking..) Benjamin: "Mom, I dont want baby (18-month-old Daniel) anymore, I want a dog!"
Samuel: "wow, more kids! What are we going to do with 4 kids and only one highchair?"
(we asked what they wanted if a girl or boy) Samuel: "I want a boy, so we can play evenly!"  Benjamin: "I want both, a girl and a boy!"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2011 Summer fun.. (catch up post)

A summer of lots of growing... Yes, not so much my two older boys, as much as my youngest, Daniel. This summer was full of milestones. From introducing baby cereal, and crawling, to eating table foods and running with the bonus of climbing!

On the 4th of July week the kids enjoyed the neighborhood block party. There are not much little ones left in our block but the older ones still played with them..Later that night I let them stay up to watch fireworks.. but we forgot how many mosquitoes would love a taste of these sweet twinkies!
They literally got bitten a ton where their pj's weren't covered them.
Since last summer (2010), Benjamin had access to the door since he graduated from a crib to a regular mattress on the floor. However he couldn't opened it (child proved). This summer he "figured out" how to so at night he would wander around and get into "mischief", besides, he would wake up his new roommate, baby Daniel. Their room's door didn't have a lock. So, we decided to buy a new knob with a lock and put it on the outside. I has worked well. Now days we don't lock it, but the consequence for getting out of bed and wandering, is to lock the door. So, problem solved.
Daniel has grown so much, now sitting and trying to crawl he is definitely grown out of baby stages..
Later at our local grocery store they had a "bike and safety day" where kids got to bring their "hot wheels", learn about safety, wash their bikes and get some treats.. besides, seeing the huge firetruck engine. We also enjoyed time with daddy. He fed baby, carried him, cried with him..
By the end of July, the newly weds uncle Tyler and his new bride auntie Chelsea came and stayed with us. Chelsea's cousin was getting married here, and her family happens to be in our ward so, it was a party for us too. For that week they came, we spent some time playing and enjoying their company as well as having fun.
Chelsea (my younger brother-in-law's wife) graduated from BYU Idaho. We were all planning on going for that, but the men had issues at work and Grandma and I didn't feel "safe" driving with three boys all by ourselves. So, we missed this great moment, yet, my other sister-in-law, Riana, who then was working for the president of the University got to speak. So we had "great" representation!
That was a little about 2011 summer. We look forward seeing the rest of them again for Christmas..